Dream Seekers Doll - 3 Asst

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Dream Seekers Doll - 3 Asst
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Dream Seekers are magical friends who are here to share their dreams and inspire you to follow yours. Say hi to three of the sweetest Dream Seekers in the "Sweet Time Friends" 3 Pack. The dreamy pack contains three Exclusive Dream Seeker Dolls - Candice, Lolli-Ana and Coco - Candy inspired dolls that all have their own individual style and dream that they follow! These magical looking fairies with their sweet outfits, posable long arms and legs will become your best friends because they have similar hopes and dreams. Dream Seekers are magical fashion conscious fairies who are full of style with removeable outfits and charming, whimsical wings. Every Dream Seeker doll has delicately rooted gorgeous long hair with individually designed hair ribbons. Their pretty faces are all highly detailed and full of expression! On every Dream Seeker's wrist you will find their beautiful and unique "Dream Mark". Their "Dream Mark" represents the doll's personality and the dream that they seek! There are three beautiful dolls to discover in the Sweet Time Friends Pack - Candice: She's a sugar sweetie who dreams of cotton candy skies. She believes that the sweetest dreams are those we share with others. Lolli-Ana: clever and creative, Lolli-Ana is always in a whirl of ideas! She believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it - just use your imagination!! Coco: As cute as a cupcake, Coco is just too sweet! She loves to sprinkle her friends with joy and make them feel special. The Sweet Time Friends Pack also comes with 9 Hair Clips and 3 combs for some fantastic hair play and styling! Create an dreamy display in your room with this enchanted trio and follow your dreams today with 3 special friends!


The Sweet Time Friends Pack contains 3 Candy inspired Dream Seeker dolls: Candice, Lolli-Ana and Coco.

Each Dream Seeker has beautiful wings and removeable fashions!

The Sweet Time Friends Pack includes 9 Hair Clips and 3 Combs to style their beautiful long hair!

Each Dream Seeker Doll  has delicately rooted hair and highly detailed and expressive printed faces!

Every Dream Seeker Doll has a unique "Dream Mark" on their wrist that represents the Dream they Seek and their personality.

Collect all the Dream Seeker dolls and follow all your dreams!