Bob THE BUILDER Woodworker BOB

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Bob THE BUILDER Woodworker BOB
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Every construction job requires the right tools and supplies, which is why Bob the Builder has the ultimate building material - Mash & Mold Play sand! Mash & Mold Play sand is shapeable, moldable and - when you're ready to demolish instead of build - totally mashable! Mold, build, destroy, and rebuild with this spectacular sand-like substance that never dries out. Mash & Mold Play sand is even more fun with a molding and building expert like Mash & Mold Woodworker Bob, who features a handy molding hammer and construction boots! Bob also comes with 2.5 ounces (70 grams) of Mash & Mold Play sand, and a multi-purpose construction barrel, so kids can use their imagination blueprints to craft sand creations with help from Bob the Builder! Bob the Builder Mash & Mold Woodworker Bob: Age Range: 3 Years and Up Bob the Builder molding action figure Includes 2.5 oz (70 g) of Mash & Mold Play sand Hammer sand tool has 2 molds and fits in Bob's hand Multi-purpose Mash & Mold Play sand barrel stores the Play sand and has 3 molds

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