Leatherman Wave+ Nylon Sheath Boxed

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Leatherman Wave+ Nylon Sheath Boxed
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The Leatherman Wave Plus is the updated version of the Leatherman Wave. An incredibly practical multi-tool that in crucial aspects has been improved in comparison to the incredibly popular Leatherman Wave. The highlights are the improved belt sheath and the interchangeable wire cutters in the pliers.

With its incredibly manageable dimensions the Leatherman Wave+ has been enhanced with a number of very practical and functional tools. All tools are locked when opened. 2 knives, the file and saw can be used without opening the wave.

Leatherman Wave Plus-tools


You can open the pliers by opening the handles. The beak has been enhanced with small serrations that will offer you additional grip. The tip is small enough for incredibly precise work, like bending fish hooks or removing splinters. The spine of the beak is rounded to make sure you can easily reach inside narrow and confined spaces and can quickly bend a wire. The pliers has been enhanced with interchangeable wire cutters. As a result the sides can individually be sharpened or replaced by new ones if they are worn out. The wire cutters can also be used to cut small twigs and branches. Good pliers come in handy more often than you might expect!

Knife with smooth blade

The droppoint shaped blade is made from 420HC stainless steel. This stainless type of steel contains more carbon than normal 420 steel. Because of this addition the knife will stay sharp a lot longer. The shape of the blade is perfect for all types of tasks in or around the house. You easily open the blade with one hand from the outside of the tool with the help of the thumb hole. The sharpened side of the blade is approximately 7 cm and the blade is sharpened at a 15 degree angle. Because the blade is only 2.5 mm thick it is amazing to work with.

Knife with serrated blade

This blade is also made from 420HC stainless steel. This knife has a solid tip thanks to the ‘sheepfoot’ shaped blade. This means that the blade is not very pointed to make sure the edge gets more support from the spine of the blade. This type of shape is particularly great for opening boxes. The serrations also definitely help with this! In addition, the serrations are perfect for cutting high-fibre materials. Think of, for instance, rope. The sharpened length of the blade is approximately 7.5 cm and the blade is sharpened at a 16 degree angle. This knife is also approximately 2.5 mm thick on the spine.

Wood saw

Approximately 6.5 cm of the entire sawblade is enhanced with serrations. Branches about the size of a wrist will, as a result, be easy to cut through. The saw is thin. The spine is approximately 1 mm thick and the serrations 1.2 mm thick. Because the spine is narrower than the serrations it won’t get caught in the wood which limits friction. In addition to living wood this saw can, of course, also tackle pallets and wooden boards. While gardening and working in and around the house the Wave will definitely be a life-saver!

With a bit set you will always have a perfectly fitting screw bit with you. This bit driver has room for Leatherman bits from the bit kit. With the Leatherman Bit Driver Extender you can make the bit driver suited for the famous, standard hex-bits!

Other tools

Leatherman-warrantee: 25 years

A multi-tool should function, always. Leatherman is committed to this. In addition to producing rock-solid tools Leatherman hands out a 25-year warrantee on product and material flaws. No questions asked!

Leatherman Wave+ Sheath

With this solid sheath you can attach the Wave to your belt. It is closed by a strikingly strong press stud and in terms of material Leatherman chose solid ballistic nylon. The sides are slightly elastic and take care of some wiggle room inside the sheath.

Matching accessories

8 cm long bit holder extender. Can be used with Leatherman bits and standard hex-bits.

Leather sheath with press stud closure