Active Snap Card Game

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Active Snap - The updated dimension of the traditional Snap card game is similar but there is a little difference. To make this card game even more exciting, players now take turns to turn over a card and when the same card appears twice, the quickest player that shouts "snap!" will win and watch all the other players do what the cards say. Each funny, colourful card is beautifully illustrated with an activity – you might have to jog on the spot for 40 seconds, perform 20 sit-ups, get through 40 squats without falling over, do the plank to everyone else’s satisfaction, practise some star jumps, or shadow box like you mean it. One card might even have everyone on their feet dancing at once! Each card will tell you how long or how many times you have to exercise for. Quick to learn and easy to enjoy, everyone will want to play and play. The fun fits into your pocket so you can take it to the park, to school, to the beach and anywhere in between. For boys and girls aged 4 years and up, 2-4 players

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