Anytour E+ 2 Low Step Through E-Bike

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Size Small & Large LONG-DISTANCE ADVENTURE IS BETTER BY BIKE. SEE THE SIGHTS, EXPERIENCE YOUR SURROUNDINGS, AND BREATHE IT ALL IN WITH THIS VERSATILE E-BIKE. SMOOTH OR ROUGH ROADS, ANYTOUR E+ MAKES IT EASIER. The AnyTour E+ has a comfortable, sporty and quiet feel with a 70Nm SyncDrive Sport motor that delivers up to 350 percent tunable support ratios. You can fine-tune it for the riding characteristics you prefer. It’s designed to handle trekking terrain with a 60mm suspension fork that has a hydraulic lockout option. An EnergyPak battery pack is seamlessly integrated into the downtube for a sleek profile and long-lasting power. The RideDash EVO offers navigation features with easy to use buttons and a clean handlebar mount. KEY PERFORMANCE FACTORS Long-distance comfort Lightweight ALUXX SL frame and 60mm suspension fork provide a smooth ride on rough roads, while the SyncDrive Sport motor delivers 350 percent pedaling support. Navigation The RideDash EVO offers navigation and is cleanly integrated into the handlebar. Easy on and off The low-step-through frame makes it easy to mount and dismount. This design also produces a confident, comfortable ride. RANGE How far can I expect to ride on a single battery charge? The range for a single battery charge can vary greatly depending on conditions such as the combined weight of the rider and cargo; wind resistance; tyre pressure and tread profile; terrain and elevation changes; road or trail surface; outdoor temperature; maintenance of the E-Bike; and the condition of the battery. The bar below gives an approximate range. Conditions are categorized as extreme, good and ideal. Extreme conditions typically occur when riding with a heavy load, strong headwinds or excessive climbs. kmmiles

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